Clip | Naledi: One Little Elephant - Orphaned Baby Elephant Struggles to Survive

A baby elephant named Naledi has lost her mother to illness. She is able to get a little bit of milk from Cathy, another female in the herd, but without enough to eat she is becoming skinny and weak.

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MIKE: You know, this little girl has been through such a tragic experience And I''m confident that she will- she''ll pull through this difficult time.

WELLIE: I have the feeling that she is going through hard times and it will stay within her mind, I think, for the rest of her life.

BEE: Aye, in the Abu herd we have got Cathy.

And all the babies they treat her as the grandmother.

Cathy has never had her own baby in her lifetime.

BEE: She was taken as a baby at the age of one and she has been in zoos and circuses for more than twenty years.

Cathy, let''s go!

WELLIE: Naledi went to Cathy.

And, although she is the- the oldest, she can be sometimes unpredictable... But she let Naledi to suckle from her.

She managed to get a little bit of milk then.

MIKE: What''s really incredible is how Cathy has been able to produce milk when she''s never had a calf of her own.

I mean, it''s just phenomenal.

Now, is Cathy producing enough milk?

Is there enough nutrition in it?

We just take each day as it comes.

WELLIE: Each and every day... Naledi is losing weight and she''s becoming skinny and weak.

You could see that her jaws were sticking out.

Showing that she wasn''t getting enough food.

Cathy actually doesn''t know how to take care of the baby And doesn''t have enough milk.

MIKE: She looks drained, she''s lethargic.

Her little eyes are weeping, she holds her head low.

Signs that I''ve seen out in the wild of young calves that have been abandoned and are on their way out.

At the rate she''s going, Wellie you know, I don''t give her more than two, three days.