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Parrot bathes 

A parrot takes an outdoor bath.

Online Resources

We recommend these Web sites for those interested in subjects presented on the program. All links are valid as of January 15, 1999.

The Online Book of Parrots
A site devoted to psittacine birds, with information on parrot species and biology.


A source aimed at ornithologists that also includes general information about birds.

Michael Schindlinger's Page
Learn more about his parrot research and work in the field.

International Aviculturist Society
Web site for a group of aviculturists striving to protect exotic birds around the world. Information on research, veterinary topics, conservation projects, and the Annual Convention.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Information and regulations on the illegal pet trade.

IUCN --The World Conservation Union
Information on endangered species.

Wildlife Conservation Society
Information on conservation projects; ways to support Dr. Charles Munn's work.

Earthwatch International
How to volunteer for field projects such as Michael Schindlinger's work with Mexican parrots.

The African Parrot Society
Descriptions of African Grey parrots, VASA parrots, and Piocephalus parrots.

The Macaw Landing Foundation
This is a volunteer-run group. The Web site includes news, travel information, and a photo gallery. Not limited to macaws.

The Real Macaw Parrot Club
Multi-species group based in New Jersey. There is a newsletter, membership information, a parrot index, and more.

The Parrot Society of Australia
This group is dedicated to promoting information on breeding, care, and conservation of parrots, especially those in Australia and New Zealand. Library, newsletter, buyers' guide, and more.

Pets 4 You -- All Bird Breeds
List of aviaries and breeders in the U.S.

Electronic Zoo/NetVet -- The Bird Page
Information on wild birds, bird breeders, and veterinary care of pet birds.

Rainforest Expeditions: The Tambopata-Candamo Reserve Zone
A resource for ecotourism.

Parrots are social animals.Print Resources

For those interested in subjects presented on the program, we recommend these print resources.

BIRD TALK magazine. Published by Fancy Publications, Inc. For subscription information, call (800) 365-4421.

Munn, Charles. "Macaws, Winged Rainbows." NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, January 1994.

PSITTACINE AVICULTURE magazine. Published by the Avicultural Breeding and Research Center. Includes information on breeding and caring for pet birds and details on wild birds.


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