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Polar Bear Invasion


Web Sites

Polar Bears Alive
Facts and figures from a leading polar bear conservation organization.

The Town of Churchill
Learn about the "Polar Bear Capital of the World."

Churchill Nature Tours
Web site of a tour company that offers guided bear-watching tours.

Test Your Knowlege of Churchill
How much do you know about this historic community on the shores of Hudson Bay?

Polar Bears in Recent Decades
Article summarizing the most recent research into polar bear behavior, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Complete Polar Bear Fact and Story Website
A fun site with lots of interesting trivia, facts, photos, and personal stories told through the eyes of a polar bear guide.

Canadian Association of Aboriginal Entrepreneurs
Bear-watching links and more.

Polar Bear High Season
One visitor's account of visiting Churchill during Polar Bear High Season.


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Mangelsen, Thomas D. POLAR DANCE: BORN OF THE NORTH WIND. New York: Images of Nature, 1997.

Rosing, Norbert. THE WORLD OF THE POLAR BEAR. San Francisco, Firefly Books, 1996.

Senecal, Catherine M. PELICANS TO POLAR BEARS: WATCHING WILDLIFE IN MANITOBA. Winnipeg: Heartland, 1999.

Bear Trouble
Polar bears invade Churchill.

Great Wanderers
Discover what researchers are finding out.

Out On The Town
Learn why tourists visit Churchill.

Web links and books related to the program