Prince of the Alps

Photo Contest Winners

In May 2008, NATURE held an Alps Photo Contest. NATURE producers judged the contest. Congratulations to the following photographers. The top five entries will receive Prince of the Alps on DVD. Thanks to all who entered our contest.

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Above Gsteig, SwitzerlandHonorable Mention - Above Gsteig, Switzerland"My two favorite things: My Wife and the Alps." -- Will, Geneva, Switzerland
French SunsetHonorable Mention - French Sunset"A view of the clouds above the mountains near Aussois, France." -- Frank Slack, Branford, CT
Alpine View #2Honorable Mention - Alpine View #2"This is a view down the valley towards Modane from Aussois, France." -- Frank Slack, Branford, CT
Le Monolithe de SardièresHonorable Mention - Le Monolithe de Sardières"This image of the Le Monolithe de Sardières was taken in the late afternoon near Aussois, France." -- Frank Slack, Branford, CT
Church in the StormHonorable Mention - Church in the Storm-- Frank Slack, Branford, CT
Lago Saoseo5th Place - Lago Saoseo"I shot this picture in the summer of the 1999 (July). This is a photo printed on film and then scanned. Along the road that leads to 'Bernina pass' (and then later in St. Moritz in Engadina) after leaving the car and after 1.30 hours of walking I reach this beautiful place. This is truly a masterpiece of nature." -- Daniele Ursini, Sondrio, Italy
Still Too Cold for Bathing4th Place - Still Too Cold for Bathing"The photo shows the 'Eibsee' which is a lake beneath the 'Zugspitze' - that is the highest mountain of Germany (2.962 m) near the border to Austria. The Eibsee is 35 m deep, but has some very flat parts and also some little islands in it. Because of the crystal clear water, which looks green depending on the light, it's one of the most beautiful lakes in southern Germany. I took the photo while hiking around the lake during my holidays in the Alps." -- Axel Rosenberg, Schwerin, Germany
Tour de Famelon3rd Place - Tour de Famelon"This is a photo of the 'Tour de Famelon' in the Swiss Alps, near Leysin, canton of Vaud. I shot it with my Panasonic Lumix LX2 during a solitary snowshoe trek in the region. I have enhanced the contrast and the saturation in Lightroom." -- Maurice, Martigny, Switzerland
French Alps2nd Place - French Alps"Shot taken during my skiing trip at Albiez-Montrond (FRANCE) in winter 2007." -- David Min, Paris, France
Small Church in a Pastoral Scene1st Place - Small Church in a Pastoral Scene"The photo was taken very near Aussois in the French Alps. I was there on business and rented a car to take a drive on the back roads. It is a very beautiful and photogenic part of the world." -- Frank Slack, Branford, CT