Chasing Big Cats - Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites

NATURE: Cheetahs in a Hot Spot
Discover how cheetahs are built for speed. Learn the art of stalking, cheetah-style. Then find out about efforts to protect these endangered animals.

NATURE: Intimate Enemies: Lions and Buffalo
Find out why the king of the beasts has to be patient when it comes to attacking buffalo.

NATURE: Leopards of Yala
Track leopards in the jungles of Sri Lanka.

Wild Cat Species of Africa
Learn more about African’s feline hunters.

Cat Watching in Africa
Spot big cats in Africa’s numerous parks and reserves.

Big Cats Links
Links to articles, research organizations, and foundations on big cats.

Born Free
Learn the natural history of big cats, the threats these animals face, and how to help with conservation efforts.

Filming Wild Cats in Africa
Filmmakers Amanda Barrett and Owen Newman share some memories.
All about the wildlife film industry and how to get started as a filmmaker.

Small Wild Cat Species
A guide to the smaller relatives of lions and tigers.


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