Clip | Dolphins: Spy in the Pod | Part 1 - Baby Dolphin Meets ‘Spy Nautilus’

Spy Nautilus, an animatronic spy camera, meets a pod of bottlenose dolphins. Among their numbers is a baby dolphin, only five days old.

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These are nautilus alien creatures from the deep abyss.

But these are organisms of a very special kind for their eyes are state of the art cameras.

Spy Nautilus soon meets the long probing nose that gives these dolphins their name.

Bottlenose dolphins have excellent eyesight, but they also have another way to see They can beam sound waves from their forehead.

And use the returning echoes to create a picture in sound.

This sonar penetrates like an X-ray.

There's nothing to eat in here!

The dolphins are so completely at ease with Spy Nautilus, a mother is happy to reveal her own precious secret.

Her newborn baby, just 5 days old.

He still bears wrinkles from his time curled up in the womb.

His mother can stay down for fifteen minutes, but he must breathe every two.

So, for his first few weeks of life, she makes sure he stays about 10 feet from the surface.

He''s been born into an extended family made up of aunts and other females.

Each dolphin has its own unique signature whistle that it uses just like a name.

The baby will learn these whistles and soon recognize each and every dolphin.