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Dogs That Changed the World: Photo Essay: Hard-Wired Behaviors

The behavior of dogs is shaped in part by instinct that is selectively bred. View photos of popular dog breeds and learn about their hard-wired behaviors.

Oct 10th, 2011 | Comments

Dogs That Changed the World: Introduction

The two-part special "Dogs That Changed the World" tells the epic story of the wolf's evolution, how "man's best friend" changed human society and how we in turn have radically transformed dogs.

Sep 12th, 2011 | Comments

Underdogs: Photo Gallery: Working Dog Breeds

See a slideshow about working dog breeds.

Jun 2nd, 2011 | Comments

Dogs That Changed the World: Selective Breeding Problems

The selective breeding that created the hundreds of modern dog breeds has put purebred dogs at risk for a large number of health problems, affecting both body and behavior.

Sep 16th, 2010 | Comments

Dogs That Changed the World: Interactive Map: Discover Ancient Breeds

Discover ancient dog breeds from around the world on our Interactive Map.

Sep 10th, 2010 | Comments

Dogs: The Early Years: The Perfect Puppy

Before you make your decision to get a puppy, think carefully. Here are some tips on achieving puppy love.

Sep 21st, 2004 | Comments

Dogs: The Early Years: Introduction

An incisive look at the breeding, behavior, and training of humankind's best friend, including useful pointers on how to avoid mistakes when selecting a puppy.

Sep 21st, 2004 | Comments

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