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Video-Enhanced Lesson

From Wolf to Dog: Lesson Overview

During this video-enhanced lesson, using clips from NATURE's "Dogs that Changed the World," students will learn that all dogs came from one ancestor- the wolf. (Grades 5-8)

Apr 16th, 2009 | Comments

From Wolf to Dog: Video Segments: Dogs that Changed the World

These clips from NATURE's "The Wolf that Changed America," are used in the lesson, to show students that all dogs came from one ancestor- the wolf.

Apr 16th, 2009 | Comments

Video-Enhanced Lesson

The Birds and the Beaks: Lesson Overview

In this video-enhanced lesson, students will explore the concepts of adaptation and evolution as seen in different species of birds. (Grades 9-12)

Aug 29th, 2008 | Comments

The Perfect Cow?: Video Segments: Holy Cow!

Clips from the NATURE episode "Holy Cow!" show the cow's digestive system and illustrate other naturally evolved and artificially selected traits of cattle.

Jul 15th, 2008 | Comments

Video-Enhanced Lesson

The Perfect Cow?: Lesson Overview

This video-enhanced lesson focuses on how and why humans have been so successful in selectively breeding cattle to suit our needs, while also exploring the limitations and consequences of this success. (Grades 9-12)

Jul 15th, 2008 | Comments

The Birds and the Beaks: Video Segments: Extraordinary Birds

The segments from the NATURE episode "Extraordinary Birds" show examples of the adaptations of different birds to their varying environments.

Jul 15th, 2008 | Comments

Arctic Bears: How Grizzlies Evolved into Polar Bears

Scientists have uncovered an evolutionary path suggesting that polar bears are a relatively new species.

Jun 10th, 2008 | Comments

A Lemur’s Tale: Introduction

Experience the bittersweet tale of baby ring-tailed lemurs, including an unusual near-albino infant named Sapphire, learning to survive in their treetop homes.

Jan 22nd, 2005 | Comments
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