The Dirt: This Week in Nature (5/26-6/1)

New species for 2012 includes sneezing monkey, zebrafish “smell fear”, harvestman spider managed to cross the Pacific Ocean 82 million years ago, tomatoes contain more genes than humans, and more.

Wolf in the Alaska Peninsula

September 13, 2011 I’m just back from another trip to the Alaska Peninsula where I had an incredible experience with a wolf and managed to capture it on film. This is not something that happens every day, but this wolf came over to check us out at very close quarters. There was something about having […]

Video – Week 2 on the Alaska Coast

The Bear Blog with Chris Morgan follows the journey of Chris and his crew during the production of NATURE’s Bears of the Last Frontier, coming in 2011. To learn more about this project, check out the Bear Blog introduction video. It’s the middle of Chris Morgan’s second week on the Alaska coast. Check out this […]