Crash: A Tale of Two Species
Teacher's Guide


This Teacher’s Guide accompanies the NATURE program Crash: A Tale of Two Species. The program looks at the interconnection between two very different animals — the horseshoe crab and the red knot — and the threats to their survival.

Lessons in the guide use the programs as a starting point for discussions and activities that focus on adaptations that help these animals survive, the ways that human activity can endanger different species, and the varieties of wildlife in your own community. This guide includes teacher’s pages and student activity masters that can be used with the program. Please photocopy the pages and hand them out to students in class.

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  • Anne B.

    This is a “must see” program. The show clearly shows the how the ppopulation of migrating birds are affected by loss of habitat and food resources. At least the horseshoe crabs can be harvested and returned to the wild. Can the crabs be returned to beaches during the migratory season of the red knots? Can a follow-up Nature program be generated?

  • Carol Ann

    This is a nice intro to ecosystems, species interactions, human influence on other species, medical research, habitat destruction, migration, data collection, analysis, and mist netting. There is also a wonderful section on the horseshoe life cycle. And, great photography … as always.

  • Julian Derezinski

    I really enjoyed your site, the content was insightful, hoping for more awesome updates in the future

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