The Loneliest Animals
Teacher's Guide

The loneliest animals are the last of their kind on the planet. Concerned scientists have collected members of various endangered species, and have launched captive breeding programs, with the hope of returning new offspring to the wild. This program celebrates the persistence and resourcefulness of scientists who strive to bring rare species back from the brink of extinction.

This guide helps students focus on endangered animals that are facing the possibility of extinction, and explore the ways people are trying to protect them. This guide includes teacher’s pages and student activity masters that can be used with the program.

The Teacher’s Guide supplement includes an additional activity, designed to show that habitat destruction can contribute to species extinction.

Please photocopy the pages and hand them out to students in class.

Download as PDF:

  • briane

    this is a nice to work on but you need to includ the anwers next time.

  • angelica abascal

    This is so nice. Thanks for sharing all this info. and save us time to think on a way to work with our students.

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