The Gorilla King

Photo Caption Challenge

gorilla foot

A mountain gorilla foot.
Photo by Simon de Glanville © Tigress Productions

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“…and this little gorilla went ‘Weeeeeeee weee wee!’ all the way up the mountain!”
– Megan, Muskegon, MI

“Footloose and Fancy Free”
– Barbara Hurt, Rockwall, TX

“STOP – in the name of love!”
– Marie, Cleveland, OH

“Pumicestone, followed by a rich lotion.”
– ASB, Cambridge, MA

“Raise the roof!”
– Alex, Boston, MA

“Go ahead–tickle it–I dare you!”
– Barbara Larkin, Columbia, MO

“I sorta like this global warming!”
– Eric Rupert, Klamath Falls, OR

“I am this many!”
– Susen, Cicero, NY

“That’s one small step for ape, one giant leap for ape-kind.”
– Jim Warthman, Phoenix, AZ

“Talk to the hand!”
– MM Gagne, Pacifica, CA

“Give me five down low.”
– Loretta Goclowski, Sacramento, CA

“The perils of a vegetation hangover.”
– Andrew, Seattle, WA

The original caption submission period ended in May 2008, but you can still upload captions using the comment field below.