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The story of two remarkable and extremely rare white lion cubs on their journey to adulthood. Both are female, sisters born as white as snow in May 2009 in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Growing up on the savanna, they must overcome not only the same survival challenges that all young lion cubs must face, they must also overcome the threats their high visibility brings. Buy the Blu-Ray or DVD. This film premiered May 9, 2012. (Video restricted to U.S. & Territories.)

  • Helen

    A verry nice story and grate lions the wite lions show shod be a poper as cloud if thers more of them.

  • Fulaman

    Great show, I love lions as they are one of my favourite cats.

  • Brandon

    i feel so sad about that lion cub

  • ed

    thanks…lovely movie. Still, what happened to the young cup?

  • Alicia

    Beautiful! The narration is a little lacking but I love the fact that the crew followed the lions so closely for two years. Excellent footage of them bonding, grieving and hunting unusual game.

  • anthony

    i love this show!!!!!! : )

  • JoAnn

    Anyone know who narrated the white lions episode?

  • Qingshan Chen

    Beautifully engaging! Thank you the film crew and PBS!

  • Addis

    We saw these lions as cubs while on a Kruger picture safari in 2010. How great to see that they have survived. This made my day!

  • Bob

    Excellent video! Great coverage of a challenging subject. We saw a lone female white lion in the wild in the Kalahari in January of 2011. We also saw three white cubs on that trip, in captivity in South Aftrica . I didn’t realize they were so rare as stated in the PBS video.

  • SaliorNightSky

    I love this show! The facts are interesting, the lions are STUNNING!

  • George Garcia

    WOW! Thanks to the videographers for their perseverance to tell a story that could have ended very badly for the white pride and possibly left the videographers empty handed — beautiful story telling and spectacular scenery.

  • Eric

    Will there be a re-run? I have tried to record the video but it was stopped half-way through. It’s very slow on the web. I need a month to see the complete video. But great video. Big credit to the camera men and the producer. Amazing!!! Thanks PBS.

  • Tonya

    Wonderful story!!! I really enjoyed it. I wish I could have seen them up close. Thank you PBS for sharing these videos. I just love God’s gift to us all. Thank you again. It must be so amazing to film these picture and being their.

  • Isaac

    Thank you. This was a very good episode. Interesting to the end, and beautifully filmed.

  • soledad

    a great story :) loved it!!

  • Tanner

    I absolutely Love Lions! This Film was so Expertly Made & the story is sooo Amazing. I love how it was made but Honestly I would really like to see what happens to the two white Sisters?
    This Film was a Cliff Hanger and I Enjoy watching PBS’s Videos Because of the Hard Work these people put in to this Public Webiste, I just want to say Thank You

  • Desiree

    Wonderful! So inspiring to capture on film wild mature white lions surviving for first time in 20 yrs, and breeding! I can only hope and support the cause for saving wild white lions. They should’ve been on endangered list long ago! People of the world should respect all wild animals and their basic needs like territory, prey, water sources, etc. Immediate change is necessary in order to halt destruction of our planet, its animals, and ultimately humans. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story of a rare white lion pride!

  • scootaloo

    I wonder if those two white lionesses are still alive? alot can happen in a year

    it would be cool to see thriving white lions in their natural environment and not stuck in cages at a zoo

  • Kurt

    Great Series! Nature at its finest. Thank you for posting this.

  • Claire

    I care deeply about all animals, great and small. Seeing this program has filled me with hope for our future with them. Thank you sooooooo much NATURE!

  • Zlara

    Thank you for the Beautiful story and the people who made it! I hope the two white lioness have an easy life.

  • Ashley

    Makes me sad that I couldn’t follow the white sisters at the end and keep watching them grow! Would love a follow up video or even update on how the white sisters are doing and Kanya and Matimba’s newly formed pride as well! Thank you for touching my life for an hour with an experience I dream to be able to have one day!

  • mc

    wow that show was amazing.. so sad about the cub.. how he backs into the bushes when he’s injured.. then backs in deeper.. and how the whole family mourned him.. wow

  • Hugh Jones

    South African papers announced the birth of these cubs in the Timbivati in about 2006 making it sound most unusual. I think the 2010 spotting in Kruger must have been another set. I saw them at Motswari in the Timbivati in late 2010 and they were full size.
    Bona Bona farm which one passes, if touring from Jhb to Kimberley, had an absolutely majestic full grown male.

  • Sese

    Absolutely captivating story of one of the most beautiful creatures in nature!! This was truly educational as I had no idea that the survival of the lioness and her cubs in the wild was so fragile if there is no lion leading the pride. This special recently ran on 5/25/13 on PBS (Colorado) and I could not leave my seat!! This is something that I must have in by dvd collection!!

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