White Shark/Red Triangle - Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites

California State Parks: Año Nuevo State Reserve


Explore the region where sharks, killer whales, and elephant seals converge.

The International Shark Attack File


Learn more about shark attacks — from where they are most likely to occur to the number of attacks worldwide. Then, find out how to reduce your chances of shark attack.

Florida Museum of Natural History: Great White Shark


Get the latest news on white sharks and learn more about the ancient Megatooth shark, Carcharodon megalodon.

NOVA: Island of the Sharks


Go on an adventure to Cocos Island, where there are more sharks per cubic yard of water than any other place on the planet. Discover other species in “World of Sharks” and meet the “Sharkmasters.”

The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation


Read articles on the Red Triangle and great whites by this research institution dedicated to studying the sharks that patrol California’s coast.

South African White Shark Research Institution


This institution promotes the conservation of the great white shark and its environment, as well as disseminates accurate information about sharks.

The Waikiki Aquarium SharkCam


Watch videos and live images of sharks of all species from the Hawaii-based marine center.


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