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Brian Lee


Need to Know, December 9, 2011: Making Congress work

How can we make Congress work? This week on Need to Know, host Jeff Greenfield moderates a bipartisan panel discussing various proposals to get our government working again.


Video: Fixing government: Walter Kirn on creating a virtual Congress

Walter Kirn, who wrote the novel “Up in the Air,” says the way to fix Congress is to make all the representatives live fulltime in their districts. That way, he says, they would be forced to deal with their constituents after each controversial vote.

Rochester tackles childhood obesity

WXXI News examines whether the community’s efforts to fight childhood obesity are paying off.


Bringing broadband to rural America

Pioneer Public TV tells the stories of people who are lacking fast, reliable Internet access in the U.S.


Video: Fixing government: Kurt Andersen on getting Republicans and Democrats to work together

Kurt Andersen, author and host of public radio’s “Studio 360,” says lawmakers should get to know each other by spending a minimum number of days together in Washington, D.C.


Poll: A divided Capitol Hill

Can Congress ever be “fixed”? Vote in our poll.


Were you better off four years ago than you are today?

Unemployment has lowered slightly, but financial pressure and uncertainty remains the norm for many American workers. Tell us: Do you think you were better off four years ago than you are today?


Need to Know, December 2, 2011: Help wanted: Revisiting Ohio

Need to Know revisits northern Ohio for an updated look at how many Americans with jobs are struggling to make ends meet because of the difficult economy.


Poll: Who’s to blame?

Who do you blame for the high unemployment rate? Vote in our poll.