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Brian Lee


Video: The crisis in Japan: What it means for nuclear power in the U.S.

Michael Levi, a nuclear expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses the future of nuclear power here and around the world after Japan’s earthquake.


Video: Need to Know, March 18, 2011: Crisis in Japan, stories of academic transformation

This week, we report from Japan on the nuclear crisis there, and then revisit stories of dramatic academic transformation across the U.S.


VII Magazine: Girls of the Lord’s Resistance Army

In the second in a series from VII photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale, a young Ugandan woman recounts being recruited as a child soldier at the age of 11, then forced into motherhood. Hear her story and see the photos at VII Magazine, a special Need to Know partnership.


Video: Income inequality in America: An illustrated interview

Editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner conducts an illustrated interview with author Eduardo Porter about income inequality in America.


Need to Know, March 11, 2011: Public unions and state budgets, blood transfusions

Are public unions to blame for states’ budget woes? Also: Alternatives to blood transfusions and an “illustrated interview” on income equality in America.

Are college sports worth the cost?

“It is ridiculous that so much emphasis is put on sports and the average student suffers for it,” a reader says. Join the conversation.


Video: Need to Know, March 4, 2011: Libya’s uprising, the high cost of college sports, Wisconsin’s unions

How are university sports programs affecting the classroom? Also: The international community’s responsibility in the Middle East, and legislators’ controversial political tactics in Wisconsin and Indiana.


Video: Libya’s uprising, in photos

Violent clashes in Libya have sent thousands fleeing the country. VII photographer Franco Pagetti documents the situation in the port of Benghazi, where makeshift camps have been set up.


Video: Bernard Haykel: What happens next in the Middle East?

Bernard Haykel, professor of near eastern studies at Princeton University, says the world must promote political dignity and good governance in the Middle East.