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Brian Lee

Slideshow: Down

Need to Know presents VII Magazine, a journalistic partnership with VII Photo, giving our readers unprecedented intimate access to the work of the world’s leading photojournalists. Every day, our partners at VII will showcase a new photo, and each week, a new video or audio slideshow. This week: The sputtering U.S. and world economy played [...]


Need to Know, November 5, 2010: International version

Need to Know previews an upcoming “Nature” documentary on marshes in Iraq. Jon Meacham sits down with New Yorker reporter George Packer to discuss the dysfunction of the U.S. Senate, and Steve Brodner returns with another editorial cartoon.


Video: Braving Iraq: Recovering the country’s lost marshlands

Need to Know previews an excerpt from “Braving Iraq”, a documentary produced by our colleagues at Nature about efforts to recover the marshes of southern Iraq.


Video: Steve Brodner: In politics, every day is ‘opposite day’

Editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner looks at a politics the same way children play the game “opposite day,” by comparing what politicians do to what they say.


Video: Need to Know, November 5, 2010

This week: a close look at Yemen, home to a prominent al-Qaida group. Plus: restoring marshes in Iraq, the dysfunctional U.S. Senate, and a Steve Brodner animated editorial.


Ask Amy: Craft tips and other advice from comedian Amy Sedaris

Need to Know is taking questions for Amy Sedaris, the comedian and master do-it-yourselfer, about her new book, “Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People.”


Mr. President

Photographer Christopher Morris explains his vision and process behind three short videos he made about the president, the difficulties he faces, and how those from both parties react to watching the president speak.


Audio: The global warming battle you haven’t heard of

Need to Know talks with Todd Woody, an environmental journalist in California, about a little-known initiative there that could derail the state’s global warming laws.


A political climate: The battle over Prop 23

A California ballot initiative is getting national attention as the first time U.S. voters will determine policy on global warming — and out-of-state interests are spending millions to sway the result.