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Brian Lee


Next week’s news: Emmys edition

Andy Borowitz worries that people will start dressing up like characters from “Mad Men,” and offers some classic TV shows to emulate instead.


Video: Glenn Beck and the Ground Zero mosque

Glenn Beck has said his rally at the Lincoln Memorial this weekend has “nothing to do” with the Ground Zero mosque controversy. But as Alison Stewart points out, the two may in fact have something in common.


Video: Food safety and the egg recall

Need to Know talks to reporter Gardiner Harris about food safety and regulations that are highlighted by this latest case of tainted eggs.


Video: Need to Know, August 20, 2010

This week on Need to Know: The religious history of lower Manhattan. The U.S. transition in Iraq. And best-selling author Gary Shteyngart, who absolutely loves “weiner dogs.”


Video: Next week’s news: The college edition

A lot of people have been asking themselves lately whether a college education is really worth. So this week, Andy turns to two PBS pals for answers: Elmo and Ken Burns.


Video: From ‘shock and awe’ to ‘advise and assist’ in Iraq

Seven years after the start of the war in Iraq, the U.S. mission there has changed dramatically. Middle East scholar Juan Cole discusses the new phase, and whether peace is possible in Iraq.


Video: Gary Shteyngart on dachshunds, Lenin and reading Twain in Russia

Best-selling author and satirist Gary Shteyngart’s new book is about a future society where technology rules all. So how often does he update his own Facebook page?


Video: Immigration crackdown creates insecure communities

Expanding the federal Secure Communities program nabs 47,000 illegal immigrants but erodes trust in local police.

Need to Know Transcript – August 6, 2010

Need to Know Episode 114 Airdate: 8/6/2010 ALISON STEWART: I’m Alison Stewart. JON MEACHAM: And I’m Jon Meacham. And here’s what you need to know. ALISON STEWART: The debate over U.S. Afghanistan strategy grows louder. We’re with American soldiers on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border as they prepare Afghan troops to go it alone. JON MEACHAM: A [...]