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Brian Lee


Obama, where art thou?

Studies show that Tibetans possess a gene that keeps their blood flowing at high altitudes, a very recent example of evolution. Is this what happened to President Obama, when he rose to the greatest height? Steve Brodner explains.


Video: Elizabeth Warren on the next real estate crisis

Alison Stewart sits down with Elizabeth Warren, attorney, Harvard Law professor and chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, in a Blueprint America special report about the potential of a national commercial real estate foreclosure crisis.


Money and medicine: The story of Avandia

Dr. Jerome Kassirer, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, discusses the state of the FDA today, and the conditions that make it possible for drugs like Avandia, which may be pulled from the market, to reach consumers.


Slideshow: ‘Starved for Attention’ slideshow

“Starved for Attention” is a multimedia campaign by Doctors Without Borders and VII Photo to raise awareness of the silent epidemic of malnutrition across the globe.

Need to Know transcript – July 9, 2010

Need to Know Episode 110 Airdate: July 9, 2010 ALISON STEWART: I’m Alison Stewart. JON MEACHAM: And I’m Jon Meacham. And here’s what you need to know. ALISON STEWART: When equal justice means special treatment….the case for and against special courts for veterans who commit crimes. JUDGE MARC CARTER: I’ve got soldiers out here that [...]

Need to Know Transcript – July 2, 2010

ALISON STEWART: I’m Alison Stewart. JON MEACHAM: And I’m Jon Meacham.  Here’s what you Need to Know. ALISON STEWART: Spies like us. Russians living typical American lives…except for the trying to gather nuclear intelligence part. We’ll find out whether they represented a serious threat to national security. JON MEACHAM: Drilling down into the Gulf oil [...]


Video: Need to Know, July 9, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Women in the military’s elite bomb squad. Special courts for veterans. And BP’s “other” disaster in the Gulf. Plus: A special summer movie edition of Next Week’s News.


VIdeo: Next week’s news: Summer movie edition

This week, Andy examines the similarities between “Salt,” starring Angelina Jolie as an accused Russian spy, and recent events in the news.


BP’s other disaster

Alison Stewart speaks with Stephen Engelberg, managing editor of ProPublica, about a previous, and not widely reported, accident at BP’s troubled refinery in Texas City.