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Brian Lee

Affidavits by jurors recanting death sentence for Ronnie Lee Gardner

Affidavits from four jurors in the Ronnie Lee Gardner case.


Live discussion of Obama’s Oval Office address

Our Climate Desk partners will dissect the President’s Oval Office speech on the oil spill in the gulf, live. Pre-gaming starts at 5:00.


Video: Need to Know, June 11, 2010

A closer look at BP’s safety record, the generosity of a Palestinian family after their son’s killing, and an interview with Sookie Stackhouse’s creator.


K’naan live: ‘Take a Minute’

K’naan told Need to Know that the song “Take a Minute” is one of those songs that people always react to when he performs live.


K’naan music video: ‘Soobax’

This is the music video for K’naan’s first single, “Soobax.” It was written about living in Somalia at the mercy of violent rival warlords, and was an anthem to lift the spirits of his fellow Somalis.


A chance at redemption

Joe Sullivan was sentenced to life in prison at the age of 13. Now, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, he has a chance to qualify for parole.


A once-imprisoned writer on Iran’s smoldering resistance

Iran’s protest movement is like “fire under the dirt.” One day, the wind will blow the dirt aside, and the flames could arise again.

BP vs. Obama’s climate complacency

Rahm Emanuel persuaded the President to play it cool on
climate legislation. But post spill, can he bring some heat to the game?


Video: Google and the ‘great firewall’

As China defended its policy of web censorship, Need to Know spoke with Google’s chief legal officer about his company’s own run-in with China’s censors.