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Brian Lee


Video: An island without oil

John Larson travels to Samso, population 4,000, to find out how its residents kicked their addiction to oil — and how the U.S. might follow their lead.


Video: Big Oil’s Chernobyl

Carl Safina of the Blue Ocean Institute told Need to Know’s Jon Meacham that the Deepwater Horizon spill could be the end of Big Oil as we know it.


Video: Next Week’s News with Andy Borowitz

Humorist Andy Borowitz takes a wry look at the most interesting stories that haven’t happened yet. This week, Andy hawks some pledge week merchandise.


Video: Need to Know, June 4, 2010

The Gulf Oil Spill and renewable energy.


Video: MMS and big oil’s ‘torrid affair’

Satirist Steve Brodner illustrates the complex entanglements affair between the Minerals Management Service and the oil industry.


Video: Getting dirty money clean

A Need to Know investigation reveals just how common it is for major U.S. banks to launder money from drug traffickers.


Interview: Felix Salmon on Wall Street reform

Need to Know’s Jon Meacham talks to Felix Salmon of Reuters about efforts to reform Wall Street.

Video: Paddy Hirsch explains proprietary trading

Paddy Hirsch uses his super high-tech method to explain financial reform.


Video: Need to Know, May 28, 2010

Money laundering and Sandra Day O’Connor