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Brian Lee

Video: El Paso teens talk about drug violence

Teens in El Paso, Texas, talk about drugs, violence and death on both sides of the border.


The grapes of wrath: Climate change and the wine industry

At a time when climate change is already making it harder for people in Bangladesh to find enough drinking water, it seems callous to fret about what might happen to premium wines. But there is much more to the question of wine and climate change than the character of pinot noir.


Can global warming give you kidney stones?

A new report calls global warming the biggest global health threat of our century, and it could result in higher health care costs.’s Heather Armstrong on social media

Mommy blogger Heather Armstrong talks about the power of social media.


A birth control pill for men?

An excerpt from Elaine Tyler May’s recently published book, “America and the Pill.”


California unveils ‘Plan B’: A strategy for adapting to climate change

When the rest of the country was waking up to the challenge of global warming, California was already pursing an aggressive program to assess the likely damage.


Risk management: Corporations talk green but do little on climate

Most companies seem to focus solely on mitigating changes to the climate, rather than adapting to the future effects of climate change.


Mother Earth has a fever

What would it mean to apply the established principles of biomedical research to the nascent field of geoengineering?


Betting on change

There’s one area where people are more and more certain that climate change is not only real, but imminent: The world of industry and commerce.