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William Brangham


Video: God’s prostitutes

In 2007, while on assignment in India, photojournalist Julia Cumes traveled to southern India where she documented what’s known as the devadasi system: the Hindu religious tradition in which young girls are ritually “married” to the Hindu goddess Yellamma. Once married, the girls are no longer allowed to marry men, but instead become devadasis, or [...]


Fallout continues for Alaska native corporations

This week, the federal government suspended two more companies as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged abuses of a federal contracting program.


In Alaska, a promise unkept?

Has a program intended by Congress to help native Alaskans delivered on its promise? In cooperation with the Washington Post, Need to Know examines whether a plan to promote the welfare of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised has instead enriched non-native executives and shortchanged taxpayers.


The disappearing delta

Need to Know revisits a report about the erosion of the wetlands along the Louisiana coastline — New Orleans’ natural buffer against hurricanes.


Unnatural disaster: The fifth anniversary of Katrina

Need to Know follows Harry Shearer, the writer and comic actor, through New Orleans, as he punctures the myths and misconceptions about Hurricane Katrina.


Video: Gulf update: The toll on Grand Isle

Need to Know follows up on a previous report and travels to Grand Isle, Louisiana, to see how residents there are coping with the Gulf oil spill, more than 100 days after it began.


The TEDx conference

On June 28, great minds were brought together to address the crisis at the TEDx Oil Spill conference. Speakers included Sylvia Earle, Philippe Cousteau and Carl Safina.


Video: Drilling down: Conversations on the Gulf oil disaster

Need to Know reports from Washington, D.C., on the TedxOilSpill conference, where innovators from the worlds of technology, entertainment and design discussed the future of American energy policy.


Video: End of the road for Grand Isle?

A documentary portrait of the community of Grand Isle, La., which is facing economic ruin from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.