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William Brangham


A chance encounter on the Gulf Coast with a BP engineer

A BP engineer talked to Need to Know about the devastating impact of the spill.


Video: The oil reaches Grand Isle

As a part of journalistic collaboration The Climate Desk (, Need To Know travels to the Louisiana town of Grand Isle with reporter Mac McClelland where frustration and uncertainty are spreading in the wake of the oil spill.


Video: A conversation with artist Steve Mumford

Need to Know’s Alison Stewart talks to war artist Steve Mumford about his time in Iraq.


Video: War and its metaphors

The painter Steve Mumford talks with Alison Stewart about his striking new work, “The Prostitutes.”


The open carry movement

Ed Levine carries a gun everywhere he goes. But not everyone feels comfortable with that.

How do gun owners really feel about gun control?

Republican pollster Frank Luntz got surprising results when surveying NRA members.