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Karen Brazell

Visual Designer and Photo Editor

Photo: Santa’s new ride

What better way to celebrate Black Friday and the start of the holiday season than with a debate. Last year, while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I saw that Santa’s sleigh, the highlight of the parade and the “official” symbol of the start of the holiday season, had for the first time in 40 […]


Photo: The perfect turkey

The Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey sends his holiday regards.


Photo: Journey to the Golden Temple

Sikhs celebrate the 541st birthday of Sri Guru Nanak Dev in colorful fashion.


Photo: Brink of war?

South Korea on high alert after shelling from North Korea.


Photo: A nation mourns

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on this day 47 years ago.


Photo: Color me bad

Peacocks are famous for their colorful plumage, but the lack of pigment can be just as striking.


Photo: A dignified transfer

A quiet tribute to service and sacrifice.


Photo: Hail to the chief

A Filipino congressman makes boxing history.


Photo: Lapping it up

Those raspy cat tongues perform some tricky maneuvers.