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Vanessa Carr

‘Top kill’ awaits BP greenlight, success remains uncertain

BP executives await results of diagnostic test before deciding whether a difficult top kill procedure is a viable option to plug the oil leak nearly a mile underwater.

As oil approaches coast, officials admit only BP can stop leak

The Coast Guard warns against removing BP; photos document the devastation of the coast; and a reporter dives into the spill’s toxic soup.

South Korea says North will ‘pay a price’ for torpedo attack

South Korea bans trade and sea access, prepares military defense with U.S. support.


Video: Pot: Not so green after all?

California’s marijuana industry is worth an estimated $14 billion. But large, mostly illegal marijuana growing operations illegal — are polluting local ecosystems on an industrial scale in rural counties and places as unlikely as state parks.

Spy chief resigns, highlighting agency dysfunction

Spy chief Dennis Blair’s resignation reflects lost confidence in his ability to coordinate the 16 intelligence agencies he oversees.


American troops dying younger in Afghanistan

Troops in Afghanistan are dying younger. Military experts cite the increase in homemade bombs and influx of young Marines to the country’s most dangerous region.