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Erin Chapman


In response: How to avoid conflict minerals?

Following a Need To Know report on violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, viewers wrote to ask how to avoid buying products that use minerals from conflict-ravaged areas. This response examines the challenges of unraveling the supply chain and what industry, government and NGO groups are doing to address the issue.

Blasts from the propaganda past

In researching tonight’s report on radioactive waste storage, we came across this atomic age propoganda


Legacy of waste: The high cost of nuclear power

As the Obama administration puts nuclear power at the center of its energy agenda, Need to Know explores the decades of indecision about what to do with nuclear waste.


Cosa Nostra Verde

Forget drugs and gambling, these days the mafiosi are breaking into the low-carbon energy racket. The Telegraph has an interesting article on crime syndicate infiltration of Europe’s wind energy business. With a nascent regulatory system and large amounts of money flowing through grants, loans and subsidies, the wind industry holds significant attractions for the Mafia. [...]


Fairs in 50 states

From deep fried scorpion to hot beef sundaes, the best of state fairs.


Vampires, shootouts and sex scenes

Need to Know talks with author Charlaine Harris about her writing habits, her fascination with the supernatural and her personal set of vampire teeth.


Gulf seafood

Lingering memories of petroleum-covered wildlife might make you wary of a shrimp kebab or grouper sandwich.


Video: Should you eat Gulf seafood?

Having second thoughts about that shrimp kebab or grouper sandwich? Alison Stewart tells you what you need to know about eating seafood from the Gulf.


The grade-school science you held true

There’s no such thing as a Triceratops, and other things you learned in school that turned out not to be true.