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Erin Chapman


Video: Grousing at windmills

A rare dispute between environmentalists and renewable energy advocates has broken out in Wyoming, where wind energy development threatens the fragile habitat of the sage grouse.


Video: The most powerful environmental law on the books

Need to Know talked with David Skelly, professor of ecology at Yale University about the power of the Endangered Species Act and how fear of its consequences has produced some reluctant conservationists.


Video: The mystery BP Twitterer revealed!

An exclusive interview with Leroy Stick, the brains behind a fake BP twitter account called BPGlobalPR that’s racked up more than 180,000 followers.


Audio: Why do we make things so complicated?

Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison, says our energy problem can be solved by simple things like sun and wind.


TEDx tackles the oil spill

Watch a live webcast here on Monday, beginning at 9:00 a.m.


Video: The oil reaches Grand Isle

As a part of journalistic collaboration The Climate Desk (, Need To Know travels to the Louisiana town of Grand Isle with reporter Mac McClelland where frustration and uncertainty are spreading in the wake of the oil spill.


Video: Online, the power of mom

Blogger Heather Armstrong writes about everything from national politics to her daughter’s bathroom habits, and has more Twitter followers than CNN.

Oil spill news roundup

Oil spill related articles are washing up all over the internet, but there are few recent must-reads that you may not have come across.


Can synthetic cells help solve the world’s energy problems?

The scientist responsible for sequencing the human genome has created a synthetic cell — with funding from the Department of Energy.