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Robert X. Cringely


Robert X. Cringely has been making or writing about high-tech history since 1977 when he was the 12th employee at Apple Computer. He was field editor at InfoWorld, a computer industry trade paper, from 1987-95. His best-selling book “Accidental Empires: How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make their Millions, Battle Foreign Competition and Still Can’t Get a Date” was published in 18 languages. His PBS documentaries, including “Triumph of the Nerds” and “Nerds 2.01: A Brief History of the Internet,” have been shown in 78 countries. A blogger since 1997, he has 500,000 weekly Internet readers of his web site and more than a million words in print. A former columnist for Worth and Inc magazines, Cringely has written for Forbes, NewsWeek, MIT Technology Review, The New York Times and many other publications. Most recently Cringely was a co-founder of an Open Source mortgage company, a revolutionary disk drive startup, and a video sharing site for World Cup enthusiasts. He lives in Charleston, S.C.

Desi Arnaz in the YouTube era

YouTube, the Internet video download service owned by Google, recently reported that its users are downloading and viewing in excess of 2 billion videos per day, making the number of YouTube eyeballs for the first time greater than the number of eyeballs watching all the commercial television networks put together. Is this the triumph of [...]

Windows for free? Well, sort of.

It is difficult to compete with something that is free, but Microsoft — the world’s largest maker of computer software — is trying to do just that, taking on Google’s free web-based productivity applications with its own free web-based version of Microsoft Office 2010 just announced this week. That’s a tough task for Microsoft because [...]

What’s fueling the feud between Apple and Adobe?

You probably missed this unless you are a geek, but the equivalent of a nerdy blood feud has been taking place between two Silicon Valley giants — Adobe Systems and Apple. The fight is over an Adobe product called Flash that is running right now in your computer but doesn’t run — and apparently never [...]