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Lauren Feeney


is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and multimedia journalist whose work has taken her from the crime-infested streets of west Philadelphia to the mountains of northern Pakistan. Before joining Need to Know, Lauren was the senior multimedia producer for PBS’s Wide Angle. Feeney is a graduate of Bard College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


Turkey can be climate friendly; spinach, not so much

Though it might seem counterintuitive, turkeys can be climate friendly, while spinach can be as harmful for the planet as beef. In our holiday Climate Desk podcast, we look at how our food choices affect climate change — and vice versa.


Six-word memoirs: Veterans share their stories of coming home

In cooperation with SMITH magazine, Need to Know features the stories of veterans coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq, who told their stories in just six words.


Alice Waters on eco-gastronomy in public schools

The pioneer of the organic, sustainable, local food movement says that food should cost more but be free to school children.


Want to lose weight fast? Try breastfeeding!

A new TV ad encourages breastfeeding as a way to drop a few jeans sizes. It’s a clever campaign, but it isn’t enough, writes Lauren Feeney.


What’s Al Jazeera’s problem?

Host Riz Khan says there’s not much of a market for international news in the U.S. — but there should be.


Test your religious IQ

Americans are almost as clueless about religion as we are about geography. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life asked 3,412 randomly chosen adults questions about everything from the golden rule to prayer in school, and found that the average person got only half right. Ironically, atheists and agnostics scored the highest, followed by Jews [...]


The Facebook co-founder who got away

While Mark Zuckerberg makes his way up Forbes’ list of America’s richest people, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes develops a site designed to help the world’s poor.


Abuse, neglect and exploitation in ‘adult family homes’

Elder abuse — and the social and legal response to it — is like domestic abuse and sexual assault 30 years ago.


Disaster tourism

Photos of disaster, recovery and my 10-month-old son posing with a bunch of drag queens.