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Joshua Foust


Joshua Foust is an analyst who writes about international security and intelligence issues. He is a contributor to The Atlantic, and has written for the New York Times, Salon, Reuters, the Christian Science Monitor, World Politics Review and the Columbia Journalism Review. His website is


Regional visions for Afghanistan’s future

Afghanistan cannot escape its geography, its region, or relations with its neighbors. In turn, the real question becomes: How can the U.S. can help or hinder Afghanistan’s transition to full sovereignty?


The state of Syria

The civil war in Syria grows more violent by the day and stories from Syria have become more disjointed. Read contributor Joshua Foust’s “state of the state” for answers on what comes next.


Five lessons we should have learned in Afghanistan

As the war in Afghanistan reaches its 2014 transition, when the major combat mission ends and U.S. troops take on a more sedate training role, we should take the chance to look back on what lessons we’ve learned there. With the war shifting from outright combat to maintaining the Afghan government and security forces; can [...]


The growing importance of Africa to U.S. policy

Last week, the Mali government requested an International Criminal Court probe into atrocities in the uncontrolled northern part of the country. The northern armed groups are accused of committing rape, mass killings and using child soldiers. It’s easy to think of Mali as another example of how messed up Africa can be at times. But Mali [...]


Turkey, Syria escalate their war of words

Turkey should exercise caution, writes Joshua Foust. Dragging NATO into a conflict with Syria might not safeguard Turkish interests, and a Turkish-Syrian war could have resounding regional implications.


How France lost Afghanistan

For Joshua Foust, there is a lesson to be gleaned from France’s early exit from Afghanistan for U.S. policymakers: Ambition has its place in warfare, but only if it can be backed up by commitment.


A ‘messy’ Afghan exit plan

NATO is overselling its plan to pull out of Afghanistan via the “northern distribution network.” While the northern evacuation route certainly lessens the need for Pakistan, it is not a viable replacement for Pakistan’s supply routes, writes Joshua Foust.


NATO’s many challenges

Despite dwindling resources, NATO’s ambitions are bigger than ever, writes Joshua Foust. The big question is just how long can its self-delusions last?