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Joshua Foust


Joshua Foust is an analyst who writes about international security and intelligence issues. He is a contributor to The Atlantic, and has written for the New York Times, Salon, Reuters, the Christian Science Monitor, World Politics Review and the Columbia Journalism Review. His website is


Anders Behring Breivik’s thought crimes

In trying to understand the suspect in the massacre in Norway, we should look at his choices and not just his extremist political beliefs, argues Joshua Foust.


What’s wrong with the U.S. intelligence community?

Is the intelligence community relying too much on politically biased reports about Iran, or is the problem, as Joshua Foust argues, that their conclusions are foregone?


The $800 million question

In its long lovers’ quarrel with Pakistan, the U.S. has again suspended aid. Joshua Foust asks: Is this just another example of “too little, too late” policy making?


It’s Pakistan, not the Taliban, we should worry about in Afghanistan

The growing instability along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan is a critical issue for the United States, writes Joshua Foust.


Google wants to fight extremism, but it needs to understand it first

The counterterrorism fight has a new combatant: Google. But the company’s program to use technology to deradicalize youth around the world is based on a misunderstanding of what causes violent extremism, writes Joshua Foust.


No end game in sight for Libyan conflict

Rather than playing games in Congress about the constitutionality or relevance of a law he’s choosing to ignore, President Obama must articulate his strategy for ending the war in Libya, writes Joshua Foust.


Europe, pay up

What is the future of NATO when, as Robert Gates said, it has reached a point of “military irrelevance” and the U.S. foots so much of the bill? Joshua Foust considers the options.


Where do we go from here?

At the highest levels, debate on the U.S. war in Afghanistan lacks clarity and focus, argues Joshua Foust.


Heavy on bluster, low on facts

A U.S. military task force aimed at developing Iraq’s economy has made some big strides, like computerizing the Iraqi banking sector, but Joshua Foust asks, how much has it really accomplished?