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Joshua Foust


Joshua Foust is an analyst who writes about international security and intelligence issues. He is a contributor to The Atlantic, and has written for the New York Times, Salon, Reuters, the Christian Science Monitor, World Politics Review and the Columbia Journalism Review. His website is


The looming Afghan crash

Pulling out of Afghanistan will save the U.S. government money, but it could have a host of negative economic effects, both there and at home, writes Joshua Foust.


The ever-expanding Uighur ‘threat’

Is China using the threat of terrorism as political cover for its repression of an ethnic minority group? Joshua Foust asks.


Osama bin Laden’s death and its impact on U.S. foreign policy

Joshua Foust outlines five key takeaway points in assessing the impact of the terrorist mastermind’s death on U.S. foreign policy.


The tweeter who loved me

Joshua Foust makes the case for unrestricted access to social media tools in the wake of a recent Twitter tempest involving an apocryphal (and alluring) persona.


Stranger than fiction

Author Greg Mortenson is under fire for allegedly fabricating parts of his bestselling “Three Cups of Tea.” Joshua Foust asks what we’re really losing with Mortenson’s fall.


Gutting the State Department

Joshua Foust asks what the proposed budget cuts say about the growing militarization of U.S. foreign policy.


Comfort me with horse meat and vinegar

Joshua Foust takes a break from Afghanistan analysis to reflect on the unusual and wonderful standouts of Kazakh cuisine.


Al Qaeda returns to Afghanistan

After years of apparent banishment, Al Qaeda has again been detected in Afghanistan. Joshua Foust asks: Why can’t the U.S. keep terrorists out?


Rolling Stone and the politics of war porn

A recent story about the U.S. “kill team” appears to be a serious exploration of war crime, writes Joshua Foust, but its gratuitous use of unrelated war photos belies its true motive.