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Mona Iskander


Video: Family planning fight in Texas

In 2010, Republicans won a decisive majority in the US House of Representatives and in many state legislatures around the nation. And lawmakers in several of those states have cut funding to Planned Parenthood and other family planning organizations.


Video: Women’s choice

Three different women speak on how so-called “women’s issues” will affect the outcome in one of the race’s pivotal swing states, Virginia.


Video: Taking the initiative

Need to Know travels to the Bay Area to examine the Family Independence Initiative, a program designed to help the working poor help themselves emerge from poverty.


Egypt in transition

Although it is unclear what authority Mohammed Morsi will have, his win is considered a huge victory for the Muslim Brotherhood. Watch our report from earlier this year, when correspondent Mona Iskander talked to regular Egyptians about their fears, hopes and dreams for their country’s future.


Video: It’s not easy being green

Need to Know correspondent Mona Iskander updates her report from Greenville, Mich., about a town that tried to reinvent itself by bringing in a solar-panel manufacturing company.


Video: Egypt, today

Egyptian-American Mona Iskander returns to Egypt where she was born and reports about how ordinary people including members of her own family are doing a year after Hosni Mubarak was swept from power.


Video: Feels like home: Helping homeless LGBT youth

In Minneapolis, a model program seeks to rescue gay teens who have been rejected by their families and become homeless.


Video: Staying on the job: A program in Rhode Island helps businesses keep people employed

As part of our Help Wanted series, we report on one job-saving initiative that seems to be paying off: A program in Rhode Island helps businesses keep workers employed.


Video: It’s not easy being green: Creating a green economy in Michigan

Can green companies in the U.S. succeed against global competition? Need to Know visits one Michigan town that is trying to reinvent itself as a green community.