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Mona Iskander


The little pink pill

After Viagra became a blockbuster drug, Big Pharma began searching for a version of the pill for women. Need to Know takes a look at the latest effort to create a “female Viagra.”


Prospects remain grim for the long-term unemployed

Too young to retire, but too old to be hired. As Congress fails to pass a new unemployment benefits extension, some unemployed wonder, what now?


Auto carve-out awaits Senate vote

The Senate’s financial reform bill includes an amendment that would exempt car dealers from new lending regulations.


Detroit’s second act

Can an innovative tech development jump-start Detroit’s economy?


Interview: Jobless, but not alone

The creator of a popular Web forum for the unemployed talks about how heralding the recession’s end is premature.


Following the money in the financial reform debate

Democrats are hoping to pass sweeping reforms of Wall Street. But there is significant opposition to the bill as it stands today.