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Rawan Jabaji

Prior to joining Need to Know, Rawan Jabaji field produced a historical documentary, “Fun City Revisited: The Lindsay Years,” which was awarded a New York Emmy. She also worked on the PBS documentary series, “Wide Angle,” for three seasons, where she helped produce more than ten international films, two of which were nominated for Emmys. Rawan is a graduate of Syracuse University and the New York University Graduate School of Journalism. She’s fluent in Arabic and has lived and traveled extensively in the Middle East.


The Upper Big Branch explosion: one year later

One year after the largest U.S. mining disaster in 40 years, families in W. Va., still wait for answers and justice.


A victory for David over Goliath

A judge in Ecuador has ordered oil-giant Chevron to pay nearly $9 billion in damages and cleanup costs for contaminating the Amazon jungle.


Video: Will 2011 be the Arab world’s 1989?

To understand what might happen next in the Arab world, here’s a brief background on each of the Arab countries where an autocratic ruler is currently fighting for his political life.


Stand by your man

Siobhan Fallon, author of the short story collection “You Know When the Men Are Gone,” talks about writing and life as a military wife.


Video: Helping children in Haiti, one year after the earthquake

Need to Know presents a report from The New York Times on two severely injured children in Haiti who were brought to Boston for surgery, physical therapy and recovery.


Stranger than fiction

A recap of five international stories from the past year that read like they were ripped straight out of a John le Carré thriller.


Video: In the coal: The Upper Big Branch disaster

John Larson reports on coal mine safety, focusing on the West Virginia mine explosion that the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration calls “the worst mining disaster in almost 40 years.”


Yemen emerges as a new base for al-Qaida

Need to Know uses rare footage shot in Yemen with that troubled country’s counter-terrorism forces to examine Yemen’s emergence as a central front in the fight against terrorism.



Self-expression through pumpkins, becoming “Jersey Shore,” and the new, improved witch. It’s all here in our Halloween primer.