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Kristin Miller


Video: Youth vote 2012: Florida case study

Rick Karr talked with  Anna Eskamani, a volunteer for the College Democrats at University of Central Orlando, about the mood on campus as the election approaches, and about how H.B. 1355, a new FL election law that passed in 2011, affected her work.


Video: What’s at Stake: Election Special

Election 2012: What’s at Stake, a PBS Election 2012 special, presents viewers with an up-to-the-minute review of this year’s top campaign issues and considers how the outcome of the election could impact voters’ lives.


Video: What’s at Stake: NewsHour on the Senate

How are critical Congressional races shaping up?


Video: What’s at Stake: Healthcare

If anything, the debate about Medicare has been tame compared to the debate about healthcare. Almost from the start of the Obama administration, the two parties have been at war about the wisdom, legality and practicality of The Affordable Care Act.


Video: What’s at Stake: Debt and entitlements

We may be in a financial hole now, but the situation is about to get a whole lot worse. Millions of baby boomers are turning 65, which, of course, makes them eligible for Medicare.


Video: What’s at Stake: Foreign policy

The heated rhetoric doesn’t offer much of a guidepost on how either would navigate the challenges ahead.


Video: What’s at Stake: Jobs and taxes

From the beginning of the 2012 presidential campaign, probably no issues have received more attention than jobs and taxes. And perhaps no issues matter more to millions and millions of voters.


Video: Predicting Presidential effectiveness

How about an ex-one term congressman, a man of no prepossessing appearance, who’d lost his last two political campaigns. Not too impressive, is it…until you remember we’re talking about Abraham Lincoln, who led the country through its most severe threat to survival.

Video: What’s at Stake: Gwen Ifill on being the President

All you have to do is look at photographs of some recent presidents at the start of their terms – and then at the end – to appreciate the toll the job takes. The fact is, candidates are transformed by the presidency.