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Brianna Lee

Community Coordinator

Shift in U.S. deportation policy provides reprieve for immigrant youth, same-sex couples

The Obama administration’s new deportation policy will focus on criminals, providing reprieve for DREAM Act youth and same-sex couples facing the threat of deportation.


‘Reverse brain drain’ in the U.S.

Foreign-born entrepreneurs educated in the U.S. are increasingly returning to their home countries to start businesses there. How is the U.S. handling this loss of innovation?


Study finds Mexican immigration to the U.S. on the decline

A recent report finds that Mexican immigration to the U.S. is on the wane, while Mexican-American births boost the population numbers.


Arab-American middle-schoolers dispel stereotypes in a post-9/11 world

A Michigan photo exhibit allows young Arab-Americans with no memory of 9/11 present snapshots of their lives growing up in a post-9/11 world.


Italy to vote on a burqa ban

If the bill passes, Italy would become the third European country to outlaw the public wearing of face-covering veils.


Contraceptives to be available without co-pay in 2013

On Monday, the Department of Health mandated that insurance companies provide full coverage for a broad range of women’s preventative health services, including birth control.


Young activists take DREAMs into their own hands

Riding a wave of activism on college campuses, a growing number of undocumented students are going public about their own precarious immigration status.


Tensions still high after a week of violence in Kosovo

A trade dispute escalated into violence at two border checkpoints between Kosovo and Serbia last week, highlighting several challenges Serbia still faces in its quest for EU membership.


Half of California ‘Dream Act’ becomes law

California’s governor signed half of a two-part bill that would allow undocumented students access to college scholarships.