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Brianna Lee

Community Coordinator

‘Tiger’ parenting: Good for children?

Some of the heated discussion surrounding Amy Chua and her views on parenting has given way to a broader conversation about which methods are effective in modern parenting


‘Fear the stache’: San Francisco’s first Asian mayor

Over breakfast two weeks ago during a family vacation in Hong Kong, my father was recounting his stories of growing up young and poor in Seattle, Washington. His family had so little money, he said, that he and his younger siblings would scavenge the basement for Christmas gifts to give to one another. “You’d unwrap [...]


Can you celebrate secession without celebrating slavery?

The core tension surrounding the upcoming celebrations of the American Civil War’s 150-year anniversary. Plus: Share your thoughts.

Comments roundup: Would you want traumatic memories erased?

“What is a self without memory?” Need to Know’s Sal Gentile wondered in a Daily Need post last week following the announcement that two scientists may have found a way to lessen the power of painful memories, and possibly even erase them.  Our readers responded with a flurry of opinions on the implications of being [...]


Exiled: Burma’s Defenders

Photographs by Platon profile Burma’s exiled political prisoners, ethnic minorities and student leaders.


Where do you find “good journalism”?

On last week’s show, Jon Meacham delivered an editorial on the “age of bumper-car politics,” where “voters and office seekers and provocateurs live for the next collision.” The segment drew a number of comments about who and what were contributors to this culture of conflict — politicians, the American public and the mainstream news media. [...]

Under pressure, YouTube removes Awlaki jihadi videos

The cleric’s videos have been said to inspire homegrown terrorism, but how much of an impact will removing them have?


On the campaign trail: The enemy hearts China!

There is a new trend in political ads: fear of China, complete with stereotypes from the days of Fu Manchu buffoonery.


Election 2010: Where do you stand?

What races are you following, and what issues are you most concerned about in the midterm elections?