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Brianna Lee

Community Coordinator

‘Why does our society need to have someone to discriminate against?’

A reader asks how a society manages to move past a seemingly endless cycle of discrimination.


Joblessness in America: Share your stories

As the country’s unemployment rate lingers just below 10 percent, many Americans continue to struggle with joblessness, tight finances, and underemployment. Need to Know’s Friday broadcast highlights a few of these stories of people — some just starting out in the work force, and some who have been a part of it for decades — [...]

Congo soldiers on why they rape

A clip from Lisa Jackson’s “The Greatest Silence” features a group of young male soldiers talking openly about the acts of rape that they have committed.


International development and global overpopulation

Last week, we sat down with renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs to discuss the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, the set of goals aimed at reducing the poverty and hunger in the world’s poorest countries by half by the year 2015. Since the goals were established 10 years ago, however, the U.S. has not heard much about [...]

Pitches of the week: Businesses and public education, polling transparency, epigenomes and the food supply

Education has proven to be a popular issue among Need to Know fans — the Pitch Room conversation over the economics of higher education sparked a lengthy, intriguing conversation, and the NTK staff has been keeping up with some of the uncertain new frontiers in the country’s educational system (Alison Stewart weighed in on Tuesday’s [...]



An up-close look at the women of the saucy and vivacious world of burlesque.

Changing human behavior and the high cost of going green

Last week, a PBS Facebook fan by the name of Kat popped a question in our Pitch Room: “I’d like to investigate why people don’t/won’t change their behavior concerning energy conservation, reducing consumption, recycling, detoxing their homes, etc. Is it some form of denial? Blame the Other? Why do we continue to ruin our environment?” [...]


Storm in the Swat valley

In Pakistan’s Swat valley, the aftermath of a violent Taliban invasion and army counter-offensive was interrupted by even more destructive devastation from this summer’s massive floods. Tomas van Houtryve’s haunting video and photo slideshow documents the valley’s efforts to find refuge while still stockpiling weaponry and ammunition.

Pitches of the week: Climate, Native Americans, chronic fatigue

One of our biggest stories from last week — which we covered in two articles and a podcast with Michael Mann, the “Climategate” scientist who was the target of a (now dismissed) fraud probe by the Virginia attorney general’s office — came directly from a Pitch Room suggestion! So keep the ideas and the feedback [...]