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Need to Know: April 12. 2013: Full episode transcript

Need to Know Episode 315 Airdate: April 12, 2013 ANNOUNCER [narration]: THIS IS NEED TO KNOW WITH… JEFF GREENFIELD…SCOTT SIMON… RAY SUAREZ… AND THIS WEEK MARIA HINOJOSA. MARIA HINOJOSA [narration]: ON THIS EDITION … MAIN STREET: FINDLAY OHIO. JOHN LARSON: Twenty six thousand. That’s probably within– if– if they have families, that’s probably within eyesight, […]


Too much solar energy?

By Andrew Curry | Slate It’s been a long, dark winter in Germany. In fact, there hasn’t been this little sun since people started tracking such things back in the early 1950s. Easter is around the corner, and the streets of Berlin are still covered in ice and snow. But spring will come, and when […]


Photo: Cy Twombly dies at 83

Celebrated American painter Cy Twombly, photographed above at the the Louvre, whose large-scale paintings featuring scribbles, graffiti and unusual materials fetched millions at auction, has died at age 83 in Rome.


An interview with Haitian-American author Edwidge Danticat

Award-winning author and MacArthur Genius Grant winner Edwidge Danticat was born in Haiti and came to the U.S. when she was 12. Rafael Pi Roman, our colleague from the WNET program “Sunday Arts,” spoke with Danticat recently.

Things to do while relaxing in your tiny house

What does one do inside a tiny house other than sleep and eat (and sometimes shower)? It’s probably not the sort of place you’d blast your Korn or rack up points on Halo. So we’ve put together a short sampler of music and words to keep you chillin’, tinystyle.

Texas school board approves controversial textbook changes

The Texas education board approved sweeping changes to its state curriculum that would give social studies books a more conservative bent.


Video: A talk with Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton spoke with Need to Know’s Alison Stewart and Jon Meacham about what he feels Americans need to know about their role in the world. Here is an extended version of that conversation.