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Jeanne Park


Julian Schnabel’s ‘Miral’ spurs controversy at the UN

Over the objections of Israelis, the director’s new Palestinian-centric film premiered at the General Assembly Monday.


China on the couch

Can psychoanalysis find a home in a Confucian communist state? Dr. Elise Snyder thinks it can.


An American in Buenos Aires

Benjamin Kunkel exploded onto the literary scene in 2005 with his debut novel, “Indecision.” Jeanne Park spoke with him in Buenos Aires about his forthcoming projects, the global sovereign debt crisis and his adopted country’s love affair with psychoanalysis.


The art of Guy Bourdin

A new book and exhibit revisit the legacy of a master photographer. Samuel Bourdin, the artist’s son, spoke with Need to Know for this audio slideshow.


Audio Slideshow: The art of Guy Bourdin

Samuel Bourdin discusses his father’s photographs and legacy.


Google maps a new world order

The tech behemoth has found itself at the center of a brewing international incident between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


The revolution will be … faxed?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt extols the untapped potential of the fax machine.


Running toward danger, and finding it

Words of praise and wonder for a combat photographer, Joao Silva, seriously wounded in Afghanistan.


Hitting the books in Virginia

A history textbook used by Virginia fourth-graders is at the center of a growing controversy after its author admitted to finding some of the disputed information in her book on the Internet.