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Elisabeth Ponsot

Associate web producer

Climate change aid fails to materialize

By John Vidal | The Guardian Wealthy countries have not only failed to provide cash to help poor people adapt to climate change, but much of what they have agreed to give so far has come out of existing aid budgets or in the form of loans that will need to be repaid, new research [...]


Gay marriage wins in Maine

While some groups — including the National Organization for Marriage — claim otherwise, much of the data available points to a significant shift in American public opinion on gay and lesbian marriage since 2001. According to Pew Research Center reports from this year, growing support for same-sex marriage is no longer limited to card-carrying liberals. [...]


What effect did Voter ID laws have on the election?

Suevon Lee, ProPublica | Nov. 15, 2012 Elaine Schmottlach has been a ballot clerk in the small southeastern New Hampshire town of Nottingham for the last 25 years. Yet when it came time for her to vote on Nov. 6, she had to show valid photo identification as required under a new state law. Schmottlach [...]


Video: The road ahead

No rest for the weary may be a serious understatement. Just days after winning a second term in the White House, President Barack Obama is faced with the same Republican-led house that thwarted many of his biggest policy goals over the past four years. And time may be running out to reach across the aisle. [...]


Voting problems to expect on election day

by Suevon Lee, ProPublica | Nov. 6, 2012 Get ready. Here are all the things that could go wrong (or already have) as Americans head to the polls. 1. Confusion over voter-ID laws spurred by ongoing ads, litigation and misinformation Despite a state judge’s Oct. 2 ruling that Pennsylvania voters are not required to show [...]


The green new deal

Following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, climate change has caught the attention of many Americans. What’s your take? JS: The crisis of the moment and the question of the hour is whether this election will be the response that we need to the climate crisis. It took the storm of the century, an unprecedented storm, [...]


Third-party candidates offer alternative platforms

As supporters of the Obama and Romney tickets hold their breath through tomorrow’s election, another subset of individuals — often forgotten by the mainstream media — are also bracing for the results. Third-party candidates — heralded by some as encouraging debate and criticized by others as “delusional” — are set on influencing the national conversation [...]


Video: Swing state Florida has toughest ex-felon voting rules in the nation

Under Gov. Rick Scott’s directive, residents convicted of a felony must wait five to seven years after their release before they can begin the process of reinstating their civil rights, which can only be restored through executive clemency: approval from the Governor himself.


Border Patrol series prompts OIG investigation

Juan Carlos Frey reports in his blog, the in-house oversight arm of the Department of Homeland security has added an investigation of the Rojas death and use of excessive force by border guards in general to its 2013 strategic plan.