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Win Rosenfeld


Video: How to win your March Madness bracket: Tips from an expert

“This is not a nest egg.” Jon Wertheim, senior writer at Sports Illustrated and co-author of “Scorecasting,” offers some expert tips for filling out your bracket this year.


Audio: What does the Bible have to say about climate change?

It depends on who you ask. In this Climate Desk podcast, we pose the question to a rabbi, a Muslim author, an evangelical pastor, and one of the founders of Ark Encounter, a Biblical theme park under development in Kentucky.


Undead men walking

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” proves that zombies and cable TV are a perfect match.


Turkey can be climate friendly; spinach, not so much

Though it might seem counterintuitive, turkeys can be climate friendly, while spinach can be as harmful for the planet as beef. In our holiday Climate Desk podcast, we look at how our food choices affect climate change — and vice versa.


Conan, cyberhero, back on the medium that shunned him

From TV to Internet and back again, is Conan’s triumphant return to late night a victory for underdogs or over them? And will it matter?


Muffingate, or the making of a PBS-style euphemism

There’s no question that Peter Sagal is a perfect addition to the Need to Know family; he’s funny, insightful and game to take on the tricky role of show closer. But his first three-minute essay came with a problem we hadn’t run into before: How do we say a dirty word without saying a dirty word?


’30 Rock’ live — and kicking

What went right on “30 Rock” this week might be the problem with “30 Rock” in general.

The other alternate reality of ‘Back to the Future’

Michael J. Fox almost wasn’t in Back to the Future!


Yo, Teach!

Tony Danza’s goofball vulnerability is perfect for a reality show about high school because as a real-life teacher, he does seem to care.