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Win Rosenfeld


Anti-social behavior: The Facebook exodus

How do you get off Facebook? Need to Know profiles one New Yorker trying to disconnect from the site, and talks to three men in Rotterdam who run a company that will remove you from it altogether.

Wednesday morning roundup

A super cyber-weapons may have been unleashed and a video game inspired by the King of Pop is announced.


Primetime’s newest supernatural-hijackings-paranoia-flashbacks-secret society show

There’s something shameless about NBC’s new sci-fi drama, “The Event.” Desperate to inherit the now-vacant, primetime TV throne of mind-screwry, the series owes pretty much everything to “Lost.”

Tuesday morning roundup

D.C. has a new bikeshare program, global poverty is decreasing, and the FBI makes a fake bomb.

The truth hurts

A new study indicates that while the elderly are more likely to be hurtful, they’re also more likely to be telling you the truth.

Friday morning roundup

United and Continental airlines prepare to merge and Colbert and Stewart are set to face-off on the national mall.

Thursday morning roundup

Environment: Part farm, part restaurant and part grocery store, plans for the world’s first Agropolis were unveiled this week in Denmark.  With sustainability as the goal, Agropolis would have fish swimming beneath diner’s feet and vegetables growing from the walls.  The creators hope that Agropolis, if realized, would function as an ecosystem unto itself.

Tuesday morning roundup

CULTURE The upcoming season of The Donald’s primetime hit, “The Apprentice,” will be celebrity-free this time around. The format will revert back to featuring regular folks whose livelihoods have been negatively affected by the economy. SECURITY Secretary of State Hillary Clinton convened a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas [...]

Building a sneakier robot

If robots weren’t annoying enough already with their beeping and clanging and lack of empathy, now they can lie too.