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Win Rosenfeld

Monday afternoon roundup

Culture The Vatican Apostolic Library is reopening this month after an extensive renovation and a slew of new security measures. The changes, which were implemented in part because of the attempted theft of a 14th-century document in 1996, include the outfitting of all 70,000 books with computer chips.


Internet killed the video star

Interactivity is the web’s strong suit, and it’s hard to image the future of the music video taking place anywhere else.

The trickiest plays

Tennis ace Roger Federer has turned more than a few trick plays in his day, and last night in center court at the U.S. Open, he did it again.


‘Weeds’ and ‘The Big C’ on the same side of the fence

Strong women characters take center stage in Showtime’s Monday-night lineup.


‘Mad Men’ recap: The double life of Don Draper

Will Matthew Weiner allow his “Mad Men” hero to find the redemption that Tony Soprano never did?


‘Mad Men’ recap: ‘Only connect’

It’s fitting that an episode about the two sides of Don Draper had such a split personality. It almost felt like two mini-episodes: the first half featuring Dick Whitman’s West Coast past, and a whiskey-soaked second act with the loutish Don Draper. It’s frustrating that the second half of the episode doesn’t seem to be connected to [...]


‘Mad Men’ recap: The twelve steps of Christmas

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce throws a holiday party for the history books in the latest Broadcastinating.


The confused semiotics of gender in HBO’s ‘Hung’

“Hung” can be a lot of fun, but for a show about prostitution, it’s a very antiseptic affair.


‘Mad Men’ season premiere recap: ‘I’ll be your mirror’

The season premiere of the show explores the tensions between appearance and reality via its enigmatic protagonist, Don Draper.