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Win Rosenfeld


Idiot boxing

Win Rosenfeld on the potential pitfalls of covering mainstream television for PBS.


Last comic stagnant

Apart from the top-shelf talent, the new season of comedy reality shows is an inelegant mess.


Graduates speak for themselves

Brown University’s commencement ceremony featured two students talking about the power of support — how it can steel you in the hard times and lead you to the best times.


What makes a successful TV finale?

“Lost” is the latest hit show to the join a rich history of TV-series swan songs. What’s the secret to TV finale success?


Video: On the road in an Airstream packed with big ideas

Emily Pilloton takes her designs meant to change the world on tour.

How to clean up an oil spill

Need to Know creates its own oil spill and attempts to clean it up.


Astronauts’ views on Obama space plan are light years apart

Obama’s plan to kill the $97 billion Constellation program has divided the first and second men on the men. What do other space veterans think?