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Alison Stewart


Alison Stewart is co-anchor of PBS’s TV and web newsmagazine Need to Know. She has reported and anchored for ABC News, CBS News, NPR, NBC News, MSNBC and MTV News, where she won a Peabody for her work covering the Presidential Elections in 1992. Prior to Joining Need to Know, Alison was the founding host of NPR’s breakthrough multiplatform news program, “The Bryant Park Project,” the first public radio news program to seamlessly incorporate audio, video and social media. She also guest hosted the network’s flagship programs “Weekend Edition” and “Talk of the Nation.” FULL PROFILE»

Loving your curls

Sesame Street teaches little black girls to love their hair.

The most valuable blog?

The 25 most valuable blogs in the world, according to


The Mexican Suitcase

Lost images by the first female photojournalist to die on the battlefield are on display at the ICP in New York.

Alison on mammograms

Warning: opinion ahead. File this under the “what should I believe” category:  a new study suggests that mammograms for certain women aren’t really all that helpful.  Our medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay will join us to discuss the study on the broadcast this Friday — the first day of breast cancer awareness month.  But that’s not [...]


Audio: The Vatican goes green

The Holy See has embarked on a new mission: the fight against climate change. In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI announced that Vatican City would strive to become the first carbon-neutral state. Although the Vatican’s plan to purchase carbon offset credits fell through, the sovereign city-state has harnessed the power of the sun with solar panels [...]


Humpty Dumpty goes to Washington

A Congressional committee cracks down on offending egg-makers.

Inside a screening of ‘The Inside Job’

If half of what’s in “The Inside Job” is half true, it will make you very, very angry.


For the record

Flavorwire takes a look at the few remaining record shops out there.

Primary education

Yesterday’s primary race in Washington, D.C., makes the new documentary “Waiting for Superman,” by the Academy Award-winning director of “An Inconvenient Truth,” all the more interesting. The movie is about the sad state of public education. One of the main interviewees in the movie, seen as a champion of the kids and foe of the [...]