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Sam Weber

Associate Producer

Tabula rasa

We are now living through the golden age of the whiteboard presentation.


The university of the web

In the back-to-school spirit, here are a few online classes worth checking out.


The ground war between FedEx and UPS

A brief provision in an airline safety bill has prompted a heated, and confusing, public spat between shipping giants UPS and FedEx.


Why the Dodd-Frank act is a valuable step forward

Need to Know’s Sam Weber on why the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act represents a seismic shift in the regulatory framework of our financial system.


Financial-reform bill greeted by mixed reviews

Just over a year after President Obama unveiled his proposal for financial reform and well over two years since the collapse of Bear Stearns, Congress is poised to pass a sweeping overhaul of the way Wall Street is regulated. After 20 hours of nearly continuous negotiations, House and Senate conferees, led by Sen. Chris Dodd  [...]

Thumb provides a wealth of information on stimulus spending

In case you’re wondering where the stimulus package money has gone, a handy government website is keeping tabs.


Senate takes swipe at interchange fees

When you use a debit card at a store, does it really matter how that money is transferred from your checking account to the merchant? Well, to the banks that issue debit cards and the merchants that accept them, it matters. A lot. A little noticed, but heavily lobbied amendment to the financial reform legislation will limit interchange fees.


The alphabet soup economy

Are we in an ‘L’, ‘V’ or ‘W’ shaped recession?


The EU-bailout aftermath

Will the $1-trillion bailout plan work? We took a quick survey of prominent reactions to the ambitious plan.