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A question asked and answered:

It was about 11 a.m. eastern time on Friday morning when cable news channels broadcast the historic announcement: Hosni Mubarak would bow to protesters’ demands and resign.

If you weren’t watching CNN or refreshing the home page of The New York Times every 30 seconds, you might not have heard the news right away. So Ian Mansfield, a London-based blogger and photographer, decided to answer the question everybody was asking — Is Mubarak still president? — as succinctly as possible.

He registered a domain name,, and wrote on the home page just one word: “No.”

Then, things got crazy.

The site was featured on the websites of The Atlantic, London’s The Telegraph and The Huffington Post. Al Jazeera “loved” the site and showcased it on its broadcast. The traffic nearly crashed Mansfield’s server.

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